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(PRWEB) July 30, 2012

Free interactive website is building a community of positive people sharing positive words, inspirational quotes and sayings, and daily celebrity videos that motivate and inspire people to improve their lives and fulfill their dreams.

Since early May 2012, has been sharing positive thoughts about life, inspirational quotes by celebrities, and motivational videos that fuel visitors’ minds, spark their imaginations, and help them achieve their goals.

The purpose of the site is to make a difference in the world at large by providing a place where a community of like-minded people can gather not only to improve their own lives but also, as site owner and administrator, Toussaint Perez, puts it, to “share positive thoughtsthose empowering, inspirational words of wisdomwith (their) friends and acquaintances.” In this sense, the inspirational positive thoughts, moral support, and words of wisdom members share within the community can spread far and wide, releasing even greater benefits as they reach beyond their immediate circle, impacting an ever-expanding sphere of influence.

The watchword of the site is “Share Positive Thoughts to Start Feeding Minds!” The inspiring videos and positive thinking quotes by celebrities are supplemented by an extensive collection of celebrity stories and other inspirational posts on the FeedMyMind blog. The site’s store also offers various self-help resource materials written or presented by a number of popular motivational and inspirational speakers, including the following, among others:

Question by Yogini: Any who are spiritual yoga practitioners, any words of wisdom?
How do you get through times of physical inability to do asana practice? I have found it to be the key into my spiritual life and since suffering a shoulder injury find that I have to rest this aspect.
I know yoga is not just asana practice but how have you overcome the frustration of not being able to practice the physical form? Any kind words would be great……Namaste
Thanks sybil

And Phoenix, that was an incredibly wise answer…thank you….I will do that today…..
Thanks hot….the hard part for me is that my practice has been ashtanga so I’m used to a fast flow…. I guess I’ll be researching my options…..

Best answer:


I often have times of forced physical inactivity and I also find meditation to be helpful…and stretch what you can…just let the injured area heal…there are times of rest in life…

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Question by kiwi: (root words) What are the words that starts with “herb-” which means grass/plants?

Best answer:

Answer by DramaBug23

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Question by Axe: Do you interchange the words “Wicca” and “Witch”?
Did you know that not all Wiccans are Witches and not all Witches are Wiccan, And one is a religion and the other is not?

Best answer:

Answer by Morg
Nope I do not

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Question by Farah: Do you let others provoke you with their words?
A young man went to an abbot from a monastery, wanting to follow a spiritual path. “For one whole year, give a coin to anyone who provokes you.” said the abbot. For twelve months the young man gave a coin away whenever someone provoked him. At the end of a year, he returned to the abbot, to find out his next task. “Go into town and fetch me food.” As soon as the young man left, the abbot disguised himself as a beggar and – taking a shortcut he knew – went to the gates of the town. When the young man approached, he began to insult him. “How marvelous!” said the young man to the so called beggar. “For a whole year I had to pay everyone who provoked me, and now I can be provoked for free, without having to spend a thing!” Upon hearing this, the abbot removed his disguise. “Whoever is capable of not minding what others say, is a man on the path to wisdom. You no longer take insults seriously, therefore you are ready for the next step.”

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Answer by JENNY C
yes sometimes people make me mad with what they say

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Naples, FL (PRWEB) April 28, 2006

Andrew Wyeth finally breaks his silence – talking at length about his famous Helga paintings in an exclusive interview with Thomas Hoving, art scholar and former director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The interview is being published in a new monograph, “Wyeth on Helga,” available now from the Naples Museum of Art.

Since they were first shown at Washington’s National Gallery of Art two decades ago, “The Helga Pictures” have been the subject of considerable interest, debate and gossip. But Wyeth himself has never talked at length on the subject – with one exception. In 2002, Wyeth sat down with Thomas Hoving and discussed the origins and evolution of the Helga series. In the spring of 2006, Hoving agreed to allow the Naples Museum of Art to publish this interview for the first time, as a companion to the exhibition “Andrew Wyeth & Family.”

Secretly created over a 15-year period, the 240 works that make up “The Helga Pictures” provide an intimate, unprecedented look at a major American artist exploring a single subject, Wyeth’s Pennsylvania neighbor Helga Testorf.

In this candid interview, Wyeth reveals how he met Helga, how the series – and his relationship with Helga – grew and the fact that he never intended to show these works publicly. “My intention was to keep ‘em hidden away until I died,” he says. “Then they could be revealed.”

“Wyeth on Helga” is an important addition to the literature on Andrew Wyeth and to the literature on American art.

For more information about this historic, limited-edition monograph, please call Myra Janco Daniels at (239) 597-1111.

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