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Question by Q&Akins: Has anyone tried this Letter Writing To The Oversoul And Guardian Angel?
Does this letter writing ritual get the person’s attention that I need? Does this work? Has anyone used this ritual/technique at all?

Letter Writing To The Oversoul And Guardian Angel

A problem cannot be solved at the level it was created. You may use this Ritual if you have a situation which needs healing, a condition you cannot solve, or a person with whom you have no luck communicating third dimensionally. You are allowed to write a letter to the Oversoul and Guardian Angel of _______________. The following is now the text of the letter.

I ask for Divine intervention for my relationship with _________ (or healing for). I ask for healing of body, mind, spirit and emotions in all dimensions, and time frames. Recognizing that I do not fully understand the karmic implications in this situation I ask the Oversoul and Angels to intervene. I ask for healing from addiction, or anger, diseases, etc. I ask that ______________ become aware for their true nature, their mission and their Oversoul. Because it has been promised that to ask and we shall receive. I recognize that by writing these letters for fourteen days in a row and on the fourteenth day burning the letters, that I am acting in accordance with spirit. I now release this person and their condition to God for resolution.

This ritual is the only way I am aware of for the Oversoul and Guardian Angel to be given a special dispensation to over ride the person’s free will for six weeks to positively influence the person’s life. You may do this for addicted individuals, but I would to the exorcism also, as most addicted people are periodically possessed and not fighting their addiction for only one person. This is one of the greatest gifts you can offer another person. You do not have to have their permission to write these letters. You can also write the letters for Earth or a country or condition which is present on the Earth.

You write the letters for 14 days (if you miss a day, you keep writing until you have fourteen letters). You then burn the letters on the 14th day and release the person to God and ask for the highest good for all concerned. Fire energy assists in transmuting the situation. You may write the letters every eight weeks, leaving six weeks in between to allow the Oversoul to intervene. Many miracles have been reported through the use of this prayer technique. Above all, read your letter and ask yourself, “Are you doing this out of love for this person, or because of your need to control them?” If so, redo the wording of the letter and be honest about your motives.

Will try asking this question in this section first in “religion & spirituality” first????

Thank you so much. :)

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Answer by Mr. Tickles
The Oversoul informed me that I must construct additional pylons.

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Question by Martin G: I have haemachromatosis and read somewhere that “milk thistle”may be some help? Anyone tried it?
Has anyone used this “herb”did you find any benefit form it?
Milk thistle also claims to help type 2 diabetes(which I also have) and IBS and a whole range of other things, but Ive never heard of it before and when I asked my GP he told me to go online and ask ,so here I am!
Any help at all would be very welcome thank,

Best answer:

Answer by Balasubas
I would not recommend unconventional medicines for your condition. My wife has Hemochromotosis also, and has had wonderful results with a medicine called X-Jade. If you can get monthly blood withdrawals, that is another way to remove the iron from your blood.

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Question by zingbartwo: Do herbal “breast enhancer” pills really work? Has anyone tried them?

If so, what was your experiance? How long did you take the pills, and how much did they increase the size of your breasts?

Best answer:

Answer by prettymaemae55
honestly i dont thinki they work.

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Question by Smiley: What types of “alternative medicine” have you tried and found very effective?
I usually have no luck with herbal remedies, aroma therapy oils, chinese medicines etc. perhaps because they are so complicated to use and I mess things up or am not using them properly. Have any of these things really worked with anyone and what was particularly effective?

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Answer by mychellelynne
I have used Epsom Salts to help with body pain. I get the lavendar smelling stuff. It relaxs me too. I usually sit in the bath for an hour with it. It is better than using meds.

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I am curious to see how many women have considered using reflexology, or better yet, have tried reflexology to help you conceive. If you have used reflexology how long did it take you to become pregnant? What made you consider reflexology for help with your fertility needs?

I was wondering if anyone has had any success in lowering their thyroid antibodies through homeopathy. If so, how many times did you have to visit your homeopathist? I’m asking this because I was told it would cost me 200 dollars per visit!!! (which would be fine if I only had to go once or twice!)