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QUEENSLAND, Australia (PRWEB) November 19, 2014

An advocate of living in the moment, Barbara Anne Syassen tells a story of a young girls special relationship with a special tree in her book The Tree That Talks.

Detailing how young Annabellas sad feelings went away after spending time with nature, The Tree That Talks conveys the message of importance of meditation and positive thinking in our daily lives.

Spending time and connecting with nature helps us experience a peaceful, relaxed and happy state of mind, which makes it easy for us to pray, meditate, visualize positive thoughts and connect to the Inner God, Syassen says.

Endowed with The Gold Award for Literary Excellence in 2013, The Tree That Talks also contains biblical phrases and a short guide to meditation for carers, parents and teachers of children.

A lot of children naturally live in the moment, but dont truly understand how to use it effectively, Syassen says. I encourage parents

Question by Pajama Wars: does anyone alive teach “ancient kabbalah”?
i want to know about the secrets of ancient kabbalah…

Best answer:

Answer by Goddess of Nuts (PBUH)
Talk to the Mandeans of southern Iraq. Hurry though, before the Muslims kill them all.

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favorite quote of soto zen buddhism founder Dogen , he preaches Hojo tokiyori who ruled Japan in Kamakura period
Video Rating: 4 / 5

I enjoy cooking my own meals, but I don’t know how to properly use herbs and spices to give my food better flavor. I love the taste that fresh and raw garlic & onion give to foods, but also need to learn how to use them as ingredients in cooking. Can anyone recommend a good cookbook or website that can teach me how to use herbs, spices, garlic and onion in my cooking?

I have to think of something creative to do for the visual part of the project. I am thinking about doing a game associated with Oscar Wilde and poetry. If anyone can help, it is much appreciated! Please let me know ASAP! Thanks in advance :)

I want to learn how to read, interpret and use tarot cards, plus the history behind it as well as learning everything about astrology. What are some good books to read that will educate me on the subject?