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by inju

Question by Pascha: Is Christian Science healing in any way similar to Reiki “distance” healing?
Do you have experience with either? What do you think is involved?

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Answer by DrDontheTermiteGuy
Same sort of BS but Reiki is typically a lot less expensive.

Start running now.

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Question by flower: is there a book similar to “the complete book of herbs” by lesley bremness?
it’s “the complete book of herbs: a practical guide to growing and using herbs.”

i really like how the book is set up where it shows you the plant and then tells you the aromatic, cosmetic, medicinal and other types of uses and also how to plant it. and how it gives you a little history on the plant.

are there any books on herbs or plants that are similar to this?

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Answer by Nail
Actually i referring one book but i’m not sure whether it is similar to yours or not name as “New! Gardening Indoors” – Its really Combines the basics of gardening and electrical lighting into an outstanding, easy-to-read book This newly revised edition book will give you a simple and complete description of both basic and advanced indoor gardening techniques that gardeners worldwide employ to achieve garden fresh produce and ornamentals year-round.

Packed full of pictures, illustrations and explanations on such topics as lighting, soil, nutrients, hydroponics, and atmospheric control.

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that does not have the same smell, or irriation factors?

especially when it comes to the paintings with male and female interaction.

I know some people say no and some say yes,but i just want to know what do you think and what are your opinions of a soul mate? Have you been told a sign you were compatible with were your soul mate?

I really like Mucha’s work and I am looking for some other artists with similar styles, the dark heavy line style in particular. I have found some of John Dyer Baizley’s works but am looking for more. Any suggestions?
I am familiar with art nouveau, but I am looking for painters, specifically with the dark line detail such as Mucha’s.