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Question by Abakals Answer Service: What is the Christian view of yoga? Is yoga just a stretching routine, or are there spiritual aspects to it?
What is the Christian view of yoga?
Is yoga just a stretching routine, or are there spiritual aspects to it?

Best answer:

Answer by Metallic Doom
yoga promotes the flow of chi or prana so yes there are spiritual aspects of it, and being someone who works with astral/spiritual energy on a daily routine, i know for a fact yoga greatly amplifies the energy

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Question by AMERICAN DREAM DENIAL: I just got an image of my spirit guide, then i felt like crying for no reason?
i just randomly thought “i want to meet my spirit guide”. then i saw an image of my guide in my mind and i almost cried. i dont know why. WHY?

Best answer:

Answer by I <3 Trevor
yes this spirit giide has been with you so it is a part of you just like when you meet your soul mate you cry when this part of you is reavled and there is no secrets you feel more vulrnerable to the spirit guide slipping away

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by Sumit

Question by Lucifer: Christians, are you positive your religion isn’t just misinterpreted?
“paganism,” astrology, sun worship, and shamanic mysticism?

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Answer by anonymous

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Question by brian8907, VT: How can people be just plain “Pagan”?
No offense, but I mean….what IS your definition of Pagan?

When I think of Pagans, I think of differen’t things…like Egyptians were Pagans weren’t they? What about the Romans and the Greeks? The Anglo-Saxons, and the religion in Arabia before Islam….you know?

There are different Pagan religions, so when people on here say “I’m Pagan” which Pagan religion do they follow?
Thanks Daughter of Isis…lol I would;ve been able to tell which one you followed just by your name. I am not as ignorant as most of my fellow “Christians” lol.

I now understand what you mean…

P.S. With me…I am Christian…I don’t go to a church, therefore I am not a baptist, or a Catholic etc…I am just Christian. I believe in Jesus and God.
While voiceofreason made me laugh, thumbs down, not all are like that.

Best answer:

Answer by Daughter of Isis
We say Pagan like people say Christian.
I’m Pagan Specifically? I’m UU eclectic Egyptian Pagan. Pagan is easier to type.
If you ask, Pagan will tell you which tradition they are.

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by anna_t

Question by dmoats098: Is Descartes full of crap or is it just me?
I’m reading his “meditations”… he just sounds like an idiot on acid to me. Somebody please tell me why this guy was heralded as a genius!

Best answer:

Answer by Ω Brian Ω
It’s just you. The guy was a genius and is considered the father of modern philosophy. That doesn’t mean everything he said is correct, but he was very influential in shaping philosophy and modern science into what it is today. He is a prime example of the product of the Enlightenment period, and how it sculpted the Western world into how it is now, which you probably take for granted.

It’s also important to note that he was not a skeptic, but he used his method of Cartesian doubt to strip all knowledge away, to the bare bones of all you can know is that you exist. However, if you actually read all the of Meditations, once he hits this rock bottom, he digs his way back out and tries to prove the existence of the external world. He did believe that the coat he was wearing and the world around him was real, he just wanted to rebuild a system of knowledge from scratch since he believed that the majority of what was taught at the time, the dominating system of education, called Scholasticism, was a bunch of vague nonsense. His theory of knowledge is known today in epistemology as Foundationalism.

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Question by Sara: Are we “just a little lower than the angels” or are we higher than them?
Do you feel that even an angel, if it were to progress spiritually toward oneness with God, would have to become a human being and live a human life of struggle and pain?

Are we higher than the angels?

If it actually says this in the Bible, do you have the verse?

Best answer:

Answer by Matthew
“man…for thou hast made him a little lower than the angels.” Psalm 8:4,5

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