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Question by Mella: I find “wicca” to be very interesting. Somebody please explain it to me?
I’m open to other religions other than my faith as Catholic that I was born as. I am open to any spiritual experience. Is wicca okay to practice? I don’t want to practice anything that will harm others or leave me open to the possibility of coming into contact with bad spirits, etc.
okay just to get something straight-i dont want to look into this because im trying to rebel, sleep around, or do whatever the hell i want. basically i just was looking for a different spiritual experience, and could use it to help others.

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Answer by Religious renegade
It is satan worship

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Any contributions or relevant stuff to post?
I find new stuff sometimes and I try to apply it to situations so that I remember the information better.. I mean, I probably wouldn’t even remember or notice the information if it wasn’t applicable in the first place..
Is there anything interesting you have learned about astrology today or as of lately, or as a professional would like to share so we can all benefit to learn something new?:)

Please be as specific as possible with details and maybe a website! Thanks!

Im wiccan and i find it hard to find information and my friends is wanting to be wiccan and its hard to explain the rules and main facts of it all. can anyone help me?

What are some of the most important/interesting events in Oscar Wilde’s life? I have to do a report for English and imitate his style while writing about an event in his life. I read a Picture of Dorian Gray, so I’m imitating his style from that.

Thank you!