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Question by phoozball: Back Spasms, Exercising, Medication, torn disc…what else?
I have had back spasms since I started my new job. I figured I tore a disc while working but the job passed it off as “passing a stone” I threw my back out on Mother’s Day, went and saw a back specialist who told me I tore a disc and it would be 3 months for total healing. Back’s been feeling good and all of a sudden the spasms started again, sudden and increasing. I do exercise, stretch, and if they get too bad take muscle relaxers with pain meds. What more can I do other than go back to the doctor? It’s not that the doc is outta the question, but paying for a specialist is definitely more expensive and I already know he’s gonna tell me to start PT which is something that is being done anyways.

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Answer by jenx
My husband has had degenerative disc disease for over ten years. I am not sure what a torn disc is. But if it is anything like my husbands, there is no permanent cure,except maybe an operation. His doctor told him that he would have to watch how he bent down or even how he twisted. He was in traction once because the pain got so bad he couldn’t even move.You will need to be careful of how you bend, lift, and turn. The pain will recur some times. The muscle relaxers and the pain med is the only other thing that you can do. But if it gets worse you should really go back to the Dr’s. When my husband first went to the Dr’s, they said it was just a strained muscle. Yours could be like my husbands, so if it gets worse go to Dr’s.

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Santa Barbara, Calif. (PRWEB) August 25, 2011

According to the American Psychological Association, one-third of Americans would say they are living with extreme stress. Family, careers, and finances are keeping society crazy busy. Riess Elke gives professional healing advice to those feeling overwhelmed in Being Free: Thirty-Eight Pictures and Exercises to Wake You Up and Set You Free (Published by Author House).

The mind doesnt exist in your true being; it is one of human beings illusions. Its only purpose is to keep you entertained, disconnected from the oneness, and so busy that you have no time to experience your true self, says Elke. Being free means that you are present, awakened, enlightened, in the now.

Being Free is a workbook that teaches the user to completely eliminate the over-thinking, over-stimulated human habits, and become in tune with the relaxed true being. Through exercises and soothing images painted by Elke herself, Being Free aids in getting back to the basics of life.

Riess Elke is a professional spiritual healer, specializing in multiple methods including:

London UK (PRWEB UK) 14 September 2011

The long vilified eggs make a come back!

?Eggs have a poor reputation for being high in cholestrol and fat, so much so that many people are scared of eating eggs, but this perception is misjudged, as s result many people are missing out on a really good quality protein,? says Kumud Gandhi

?The ?low fat and low cholesterol? mantra has been chanted by millions of people over the last 20 years and yet we are no closer to weight control or the reduction of cardio vascular related dieseases,” says Kumud Gandhi

Fat is an essential part of our diet, it is very important for the heart and most other parts of the body in order to function correctly. We all know it?s the good fat that we need, meaning monounsaturated, this type of fat actually helps to break down bad fat in the body. Today we consume less fat, and yet we?re fatter! Sounds harsh but it?s the reality.

Lets tackle the issue of cholesterol first. Our perception of eggs contibuting to high cholesterol was based on a study conducted 100 years ago by a researcher feeding rabbits, on a carnivorous diet. Rabbits are vegetarian, their diet must be herbaceous in order for their digestive system to function correctly. Naturally, this caused the arteries to be blocked with cholesterol forming plaque, not consistent with the bio chemistry of a rabbit.

In the 1950?s Ancel keys study of fats and the impact of all types of fat to heart related dieseases had a huge impact on our understanding of fat. His work was considered to be de facto and was widely accepted and taken for granted by doctors and nutritionalists like. The saturated fat theory took off and triggered numberous warning to avoid foods high in cholesterol, particularly eggs and prawns, coconut milk, avacado. However Ancels early work considered all fat to be harmful, including saturated fats, which have many health benefits, like essential fatty acids. His work didn?t take into consideration that it is only trans fats that are the real culprits.

There is much debate about the validity of his early research. Ancels work is considered to be useful on the whole but his early work has caused much confusion about fat that is important to the body, its effect on cholestrol leading to heart related dieseases. The study of cholesterol in eggs and its effect on humans was never followed up conclusively. Furthermore extract of this study have been published world wide to the detriment of the eggs industry and a big misconception about the role of cholesterol in body.

Most people make more cholesterol naturally in the body (in the liver) than they consume in food. It is true to say that eggs contain cholesterol but this does not make a big enough contribution to the cholesterol found in our blood. Research show that there is no link between egg consumption and the risk of cardio vasacular diesease.

There is however a growing body of evidence to suggest that a moderate consumption of eggs, 1 a day, 7 eggs per week can have a very positive impact due to its high nutritient content. (Harvard school of public health 2006)

Eggs contain all the amino acids in the correct proportion and therefore it?s a good source of complete protein. The amino acid in egg yolks is also excellent for burning fat. However this is only achieved by eating the whole egg, not just the egg white since 90% of the nutrient value is in the yolk. Organic, free range eggs have no affect on the blood cholesterol because the hens have fed on a natural grass diet instead of corn or soya feed which is excessively high in Omega 6 & 9). The more natural the hens feed the better the nutrient value and taste of the egg.

The Nutrient Value of eggs

Each whole egg contains iron, zinc, phosphorus, thiamin, B6, folate, and B12, and panthothenic acid. In addition, the egg yolk contains all of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K.

Miami Beach, FL (Vocus) November 2, 2010

Karma Snack has spread its wings into newer niches with the acquirement of CK Design Plus, which specializes in Miami Web Design. Prior to the acquisition, Karma Snack was a renowned name in business intelligence and marketing consulting. With its plan to re-launch CK Design Plus?s main website, Karma Snack will include other internet marketing services like social media, digital printing, and email marketing. With this new acquisition Karma Snack has added 20 off-site web developers whose primarily focus will be on web design and development. Along with this news, Karma Snack has also introduced a new Client Relationship team, who’s primary focus is to handle all client needs.

The clientele database for Karma Snack accumulates through referrals of satisfied customers. Karma places a crucial importance on customer service, and though the primary form of communication happens through their project management system, account managers travel to the client?s location on a weekly basis to understand the project requirements and discuss current marketing efforts and new online marketing initiatives. Marketing consulting remains a primary business feature; clients occasionally ask questions pertaining to strategies to increase traffic, sales, and new internet marketing techniques. Karma Snack also provides solutions for integration of clients’ offline promotional activities with the online marketing strategies to attain an overall excellent campaign. Since this firm provides solutions for establishing a marketing program from the start and improving internet traffic to the website, clients do not have to worry about not having the requisite knowledge about the internet or online marketing. Further, the account managers can be contacted any time of the day on their direct phone numbers, which facilitates the customers to know about the status of their marketing campaign. The ?Snackboard? is an in-house project management system that becomes accessible to businesses when their marketing campaign is being worked upon; this ensures complete transparency and accountability of the marketing agency to the business.

Clients can sign up for free marketing consulting sessions to understand the newest trends in marketing and business development. This improves the standing of the online marketing agency with customers ? small, medium, and large. In addition to online promotional campaigns, the newest feature of Karma Snack features psychographic analysis, advanced social media techniques, predictive analysis of the industry and behavior analytics. Eric Rosado, the CEO, has molded the company par excellence, thanks to his knowledge of the industry. Rosado states “Every initiative is taken to the next level with the introduction of our new behavior analytics. Potential clients can contact us for a quick test drive of this new technology.”

One of the key features about Karma Snack?s customers is that the firm does not cater to the needs of every customer; they select their customers based on several factors. Unlike most other SEO and marketing agencies which select every client that comes along, Karma Snack ensures that the planned marketing campaign for a particular client does not, in any way, hinder the growth of any other. They have a strict policy of one client in an industry per area. Neither does the firm want to generate a conflict of interest between two prospective competitors nor does it want to engage them in a bidding war against each other. The exclusivity agreement signed with the client ensures that Karma Snack does not work with a customer?s competitors in an area. The agency ensures a good position for the customer in the early stages of its campaign and assures an increased traffic averaging over 400%. Additionally, the search marketing agency uses a mixture of conventional and advanced marketing techniques ? guerilla marketing, word of mouth, banners and context ads, viral SEO marketing, for better results. Karma Snack?s skill set makes it a valuable asset to prospective customers, for which reason they are even prepared to be wait-listed for a specific amount of time.

Karma Snack specializes in business intelligence and case study analysis pertaining to internet marketing services. By cross-examination of specific business modules and their associated costs and incomes, the firm helps you to make efficient decisions based on supported data. Their experience in some of the most advanced online marketing services, business intelligence, and data analysis makes them an easy choice for clients who are looking to develop their website and make it more search-engine friendly. The most recent customer of Karma Snack was provided a complete redesign and cost-reduction strategies, and helped promote local businesses and boost sales. Karma Snack has had several business clients in the Miami and Latin American owing to its promises and deliverance on high returns on investment and increased website traffic.

The acquisition of the CK Design Plus, a Miami web design firm, has enabled the agency to deliver expert strategies on social media and digital printing. Karma Snack understands that a user has 5 seconds to decide whether or not to engage with an ad, and more than 98% of the users are disengaged. The firm?s expertise has increased the click rate by 400%. Karma Snack gives additional importance to user friendliness and attention to detail, and implements easier navigation techniques for handicapped people. Interested parties can also call the company at (305) 767-3630. Karma Snack is headquartered in Miami Beach with a Web Development office in Boca Raton.


Question by delilah: I am doing in Philosophy a “dualism” debate and I am defending it.. any good ideas to back dualism up..?

Best answer:

Answer by kendall
im not quite sure this makes sense.

dualism in what?

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