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Twin flame-Other half of your soul, and that sounds extremely intense, anyone know or can speculate for me?
Don’t answer if you don’t know plz.

7 Responses to “What happens when twin flame(soulmates) meet each other?”

  • yyy's:

    real shitt goes down i suspect, i’m talking fireworks and mark lee roth concert here

  • Kayla:

    It’s simply unexplainable.

  • art_flood:

    honestly I think there’s some time between the time you meet them and the time you know they are your soulmate…

    but unlike everyone else you have a connection with this person that you don’t with anyone else.

  • 2bz2bdz:

    When, TWO separate flickers unite, they brighten as ONE…and in time will burn brighter for every flicker generated…

  • some girl:

    When soulmates meet, there will be a feeling like their love could burn the entire Amazon rainforest in a few seconds. The flame is enormous.

  • Praire Crone:

    Twin suns meeting, flowing and blending.
    Then absolute peace, calm and contentment.

  • Isis:

    They get married this life and the next life and maybe the next one after that, you want to know why? because they looked into each other eyes and they remember something, and they know that this is the one. and it is, because you have been with this person over and over again. Thats why they are your soul mates.

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