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Tania Hannan and Terri Trespicio discussed Rescue Remedy, Rescue Sleep, and Bach Flower Remedies on Martha Stewart radio’s “Whole Living” show (Sirius 112).

6 Responses to “Rescue Remedy on Martha Stewart Radio”

  • hollybee43:

    This does work, try it

  • presouz:

    I have used RR for years, and yes its amazing how fast it can calm me down especially at night. I love the fact they have a night one now. I will be trying it!

  • bbkingx:

    This was very helpful and I hear it does work.

  • PeaceHearTnBeauTy:

    I personally used the Rescue Remedy for panic attacks and it worked amazingly for me.

  • Ahavah8Ahavah:

    In all honesty, I experienced this today!! I have known about RR for a long time, but haven’t used it in years.
    This past month I’ve been experiencing full blown panic attacks… scary, awful, hard to breathe kind…and I went to the store to get some homeopathic remedies and was reminded about RR. I just bought it along with some other things.
    It was the one thing I took that had almost an IMMEDIATE effect. I mean amazing! Can’t recomend it more!!!

  • Beardy811:

    In all honesty do you believe it is strong enough to calm down someone having a panic attack?

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