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I am currently getting my Kinesiology Education degree with a health minor at a university. If I decide to join the military, I want to know if having this education will help me start as a higher rank or pay.

5 Responses to “If I have a kinesiology degree, would it help me obtain a higher ranking if I joined a military branch?”

  • USAFisnumber1:

    If it is a four year bachelors degree it will perhaps allow you to be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant/Ensign. They probably will put you in charge of the base gym because that would be all your degree would be good for.

    If you want to get promoted higher, they bring MDs in as Captains.

  • Mike M:

    Any BS degree on the enlisted side will bring you in (the Army) as an E4 (SPC). or you could go OCS and branch medical but you will still need more training but would come in (after training) as a butter bar (2 LT)


  • J:

    It depends on what you mean, by higher rank/pay. It would change by service. Having a four year degree of any sort will allow you to:
    1. enlist at a higher rate I.E. E-3 or E-4 usually.
    2. enlist with a dual OCS (Officer Candidate School) packet and become an officer
    3. Go straight to OCS, provided you have a degree that the service you have chosen will accept that degree (I.E. they need someone with that degree).
    4. Take a “Direct Commission” Which means you go directly in as an officer after a review board with no OCS commitment. This is usually in a group of fields that they will accept any 4 year degree for like admin, supply, etc…

  • RU Quazee:

    Probably in as a second lieutenant. Maybe you could get into equipment design, PT improvements, etc.

  • HDH:

    Go ahead and get your certification for occupational or physical therapy. The Army can help you finish it, then you could serve as an officer.

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