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Welcome to The Majickal Garden. A mystical cyber garden for anyone traveling the path, who is interested in enhancing their spiritual growth. There is an acceptance here to new ideas as well as others beliefs. We are all students in the light of life. The Universal ways have gifted us wonderful tools for our soul’s evolvement and discovering them is a pleasure found in The Majickal Garden.

Thank you for taking the time to spend some of your precious time here. We hope you can find something of interest to take with you on your own path of spiritual journey.

Peace and Light…Jasmine – Webmistress

Humankind has not woven the web of life.
We are but one thread within it.
Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.
All things are bound together.
All things connect.

Chief Seattle

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Winter Update 2014

Clearance On Dark Emotions

Written by Jasmine

(Webmistress The Majickal Garden)


Happy New Year Warm Greetings. : )

Another holiday and a whole year are behind us. With all the rapid changes happening all around us; some good and others are very disturbing, it’s an especially crucial time for us to focus on our soul health. Living each day with willful awareness and remaining in the full realization of the moment at the center of attention. It’s a good time to introduce yourself to meditation to calm the mind, focus and clear it of the incessant chatter that over shadows intuitive knowing and thinking or practicing on a more regular basis.

Meditation promotes spiritual self-enlightenment as well as a stress relieving and relaxation promoting practice. With relaxation comes a quieter peaceful mind where memories, emotions or worry are set aside and the mind, body and soul can recharge. The light inside can shine brighter. By starting with ourselves we are better able to share the light with those around us.

Once we recognize the option we share to mindfully quiet the chatter it is easier to introduce this state outside of meditation.

This holiday season found me in a calm peaceful repose. In the past years, with the arrival of Thanksgiving and the first Christmas song on the radio, there was a cold dark bubble of dread and coldness in my heart for the month to come. A childhood gone where the holidays were about being together, love, good food and happy times. The second stage of my life I was able to share the same with the raising of my own children. Entertaining for my extended family was so much fun and though it was small (comparatively) but there were times when there was a count of 20 for the main meal! The third stage of my life is no less gratifying however most of my family has passed to the other side and the few others are far away. I am the matriarch now and it’s not a title I relish but accepting what is. I am comforted by knowing they still remain with me strong in my heart. Every once in a while I get a much cherished visit!

The past year I have been practicing living willfully in the moment. Meditation has taught me to clear my mind of the “incessant chatter” that I always thought was healthy. It’s the voice that says “you can’t do that” or “you’re not thin enough or pretty enough.” It’s the thing that takes you back to memories that are better left there, because it’s over. But once you are there the mind drags you over it all again with emotions intact. It says “I should have” or “I wish I had” or “he/she should not have done that.” It looks to the future with worry about what might happen and can spend plenty of time doing that.

We need to think in order to plan, learn and function in our everyday lives. The rest of it is mostly unnecessary. I have been able to let the emotions of the past go…regret, guilt, and loss. My reward appeared during the holidays when Thanksgiving arrived and I was able to freely enjoy the loving, accepting company I was in. Still not convinced…I awaited the dreaded holiday jingle that I knew was coming and only had to wait until the next day when I started my car. “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” blasted from the speakers because of my jammin’ loudly to a classic Bob Seger song the day before! I turned it down and took stock of my feelings. I felt neutral and open. The darkness inside was gone. A couple blocks later and there might even have been a slight pleasure in the popular classic song. When baking time rolled around…I was right on top of it with enthusiasm and loving spirit. I even expanded my usual list of recipients. With my first batch of secret recipe Chocolate Chip Cookies : ) I actually experienced a feeling of Joy for the season.

My beloved husband has been very patient with me over the years and has given me plenty of room and understanding for my needs during the holiday; whatever mood it might find me in. With the loss of the dark bubble there was a space waiting to be filled. It’s been replaced by thankfulness for him in my life, the family I have in my life now and friends that are family to me. It’s helped me to focus on that “in the now” without the selfish emotions left over from a past long gone.

Life is good. Today was an unseasonal mild 54 degrees and I took a stroll around my sleeping garden warmed by a winter sun. I could feel the energy of life below the ground beginning to think about Spring. My mind became active with thoughts of new plans and looking forward to when I can begin preparations for them. On this day I settled for breathing the fresh air while I gave the patio a sweep from the small piles of tree needles and dirt from the busy squirrel pawed out of my pots. A few chickadees that live in the berry bushes behind our fence waited patiently on the fence for me to finish so they could have their splash in the fresh bath that awaited them.

The future begins in the now. And right now is all we have control over. : )

Keep safe, warm and happy on the Path of Light!


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Love this reminder, from The Untethered Soul

Image by Lost A Sock

How to Free Yourself of Negative Thoughts - Super Soul Sunday - Oprah Winfrey Network

Author Michael Singer says spiritual growth can begin by silencing the negative thoughts in our minds. Watch as Michael shares a spiritual solution to use to…

Oakland, CA (PRWEB) August 26, 2013

At the beginning of 2012, a New York Times bestseller was a distant dream for New Harbinger Publications. Midway through the year, it became a reality, due to The Untethered Soul: A Journey Beyond Yourself. The book, originally published in 2007, surged after it and its author, Michael Singer, was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN)s hit show, Super Soul Sunday. Since that airing, it has been on the Best Sellers list for 30 weeks and counting. When Oprah featured the book on her Good Morning America episode in October 2012, the book catapulted to #1 for the Paperback Advice and Miscellaneous category. Almost a year later, after the Super Soul Sunday episode featuring Michael Singer re-aired, The Untethered Soul has once again shot up to #1 for the week of September 1, 2013.

About The Untethered Soul

In The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself, author Michael Singer explores the question of who we are and arrives at the conclusion that our identity is to be found in our consciousness the ability to observe ourselves and the world around us. The Untethered Soul taps into meditation and mindfulness traditions and shows how developing consciousness can enable all of us to dwell in the present moment and let go of painful thoughts and memories that keep us from achieving happiness and self-realization.

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universe gives needs

By Jasmine

Webmistress of The Majickal Garden


Many times we find ourselves asking the Universe for favors because there is a belief that we know what we need. There is a big difference between needs and wants. We need air, food and water for our bodies to survive. I would put a roof over my head along with power and a safe water source secondary on that list but the truth is that there are people, unfortunately, that are able to live without such luxuries. We need clothing for modesty cover, in our society, as well as protection from the elements however stylishness or amounts of said clothing is not a need.

If you happen to live in a city where public transportation is an option…there is no need for ownership of a vehicle. For the sake of convenience it would surely be a want. In that case, a dependable vehicle would suffice however a brand new shiny one, with the monthly payments to go along with it, would be a want. The later would cover those that live in the suburbs and beyond. Apply this to all the other conveniences we have become accustomed to is to understand we have become a spoiled society. Many times I have given thought to how our ancestors were able to function with so little as far as conveniences that we have come to take for granted.

The Universe does work in mysterious ways beyond the ability of our comprehension. My own “knowing’s” in understanding this is that a truly heartfelt genuine based request for a change in our lives normally does not happen overnight. In the case of wants and needs…it surely does not come without effort and sometimes great on our part.

If the Universe deems that an appeal for a change is to be answered then we need to take a close, very close look at our life as it is and what has brought us to that point where help is needed. Perhaps there are some bad habits that need to be altered or there might be some people in our lives that we need to say good-bye to. A change of employment might be required. Groundwork on our part needs to be done for spiritual growth. If this is not done the result might be that the Universe will send us a message in answer to our appeal and we might miss it altogether because we were not ready for it when or if it comes. I truly feel there are 3 answers; no, yes and not yet.

Understanding there are complexities of human/soul life on probably so many levels, I have come to look at what it must take for the Universe to answer any appeal for divine intervention. A positive answer, should it be deemed to be so, would need to be interwoven in to our lives with our responsibility for our own spiritual growth to be able to intersect at just the right time with our having the ability to recognize the form it is to be given in.

If we understand the concept that “all things happen for a reason” then it would stand to reason as well that we bear some responsibility or sometimes sacrifice for the betterment in the outcome in our lives. We are gifted with free will after all. We get what we need and what is required for our continued spiritual growth.

I believe we are here on this earth for a reason. Everyone has been given some sort of gift that if recognized and practiced can be excelled at and shared in some way. It’s taken me decades to understand that most times this manifests itself as a “passion”. It’s something that we are passionate about doing above a choice of anything else and the most content when we are doing it. When that is found and recognized we want to be the best at “it” that we can. The fortunate ones are able to make a living at it. Otherwise the responsibility lies in making it happen outside of our jobs or careers. We are so much more than going to bed at night and waking up to a routine that needs to be done in order to go to sleep again. I believe to find oneself in such a rut is to have a soul that is unrecognized and unfed. Regardless of ones beliefs; we all have a soul. Each one is connected by a collective energy that goes beyond this earth. How we choose to feed it (or not) and progress with our capabilities is up to us.

This is where Faith comes in. We can choose to be “alone” however we are all a part of this mystical sometimes confusing life as humans on this earth which all contain individual souls that are connected to the other side of the “veil” which makes us connected to one another. This is where my faith rests and I find so much comfort in. To walk a spiritual path with this understanding is to know we are never alone. As we ask for help in any direction for what we think we “need” in our sometimes darkest hours is to know that our efforts will be rewarded with guidance form our inner souls. Reaching out to others on the path is certainly part of the plan.

The Universe knows what we truly need to progress on our spiritual path. Sometimes in its infinite knowledge it is understood that in order to get what we might want…we are required to learn more about real true needs and attending to them first. Then at a later date we might attain what our souls were really asking for outside of our minds that are cluttered with ego, emotions and arrogance in believing we know what we really need.

For me, by calming the chatter of words in my head has allowed me to “hear” the answers of support in what I can do to progress on my spiritual path. Yoga and meditation has certainly been a brilliant tool for me to do this. By learning that I do not have to be ruled by emotions, the past, or fears of the uncertain future has left me with the ability to “hear” the answers for my progression from the Universe. The more I practice this…the calmer I feel in my faith that I am guided. On a day to day basis, I do the best I can and be the best I can be. I allow myself to melt into the mattress with the knowing that tomorrow is a brand new day for my best efforts and I am able to let go what I did not accomplish.  In my heart and soul I feel I am a student in the light of life on this earth. I am learning to forgive my imperfections and focus on what I can do.

Living and doing the groundwork to be the best you can be every day, inside and out – one day at a time is all that is required. If one day you need to ask the Universe for something special you might discover that sooner or maybe much later; as the Universe deems so…you might learn that what you wanted was exactly what you needed.